Clear Creek County Marriage License Requirements

Clear Creek County Marriage License Requirements

Planning a wedding is an exciting time filled with love and anticipation, and one of the essential steps in this process is obtaining a marriage license. In the charming town of Georgetown, Colorado, this process is straightforward, and we’re here to guide you through it. Let’s dive into the details of obtaining your marriage license, the requirements, and everything you need to make your union official.

Applying for a Marriage License

In-Person Application

To obtain a marriage license in Georgetown, both applicants must appear in person to apply and sign the marriage application. The process ensures that all necessary documentation is provided and that both parties are willingly entering into the union.

Absentee Application

In some cases, if one party is unable to appear in person due to illness, out-of-state residence, or incarceration, an absentee application can be used. However, this application must be accompanied by proper identification and notarized in advance.


The absentee application form requires notarization. This extra step helps maintain the integrity of the application process and ensures that all legal requirements are met.

Marriage License Fee

A fee of $30.00 is required for the marriage license. This fee is a necessary part of the process and contributes to the administrative costs associated with issuing and recording the license.

Identification Requirements

Proof of Age

To establish proof of age, acceptable forms of identification include a valid Driver’s License issued in the United States, a Passport, Military ID, or a State-issued ID Card.

Social Security Number

If one or both parties don’t possess a social security number, they must sign an affidavit provided by the County Clerk’s office when applying for the license.

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Place of Birth and Parents’ Information

The application form requires the listing of the city and state of birth for both parties. Additionally, parents’ names and current addresses must be included on the form, providing essential background information.

Acceptable Identification

Various forms of identification are acceptable for the application process, including Birth Certificates, valid Driver’s Licenses (including temporary ones with voided previous licenses), Passports (both expired and valid), Military identification, Alien Registration Cards (Green cards), and any U.S. government-issued identification containing essential details.

Marriage Waiting Period and Residency Requirement

Colorado has no waiting period for getting married, and applicants need not be Colorado residents. This flexibility makes it a popular choice for destination weddings.

Previous Marriages

If either party has recently finalized a divorce within 30 days of applying for the marriage license, the final decree must be produced. For divorces finalized more than 30 days ago, detailed information about the divorce must be provided, including the date and location of the divorce.

Marriage License Fees

The marriage license fee in Colorado is a flat $30.00, a reasonable cost for the legal procedures and documentation required for marriage.

Proxy Marriages, Cousin Marriages, and Common Law Marriages

Proxy marriages are allowed in Colorado, enabling a party to the marriage who cannot be physically present to obtain an absentee application. Additionally, Colorado permits cousin marriages and recognizes common law marriages.

Marriage Blood Test and Name Change

Unlike some states, Colorado does not require blood tests as part of the marriage license application process. Furthermore, it’s important to note that obtaining a marriage license with your new name doesn’t automatically change your name; a separate process is required.

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Marriage Age Requirements

The legal age to marry without parental consent in Colorado is 18 years old. For those aged 16 or 17, a written and notarized Parental Consent Form signed by both parents, the legal guardian, or the parent with legal custody is necessary. Applicants 15 years of age or younger must obtain a court order granting judicial approval.

Marriage Officiants and Witnesses

In Colorado, couples can solemnize their own marriage, and other officiants include judges, retired judges, magistrates, Indian tribe officials, and clergy. Interestingly, although a couple can solemnize their own marriage, a friend or relative cannot sign as an officiant on a marriage certificate. Witnesses are not required, although some officials may request them.

Expiration Date of Marriage License

The marriage license remains valid for 35 days. It’s important to return the completed marriage certificate, along with the attached license, to the County Clerk’s office for recording within 63 days after the solemnization. Late fees may apply if this deadline is not met.

Recording Your Marriage Certificate

To ensure the legal recognition of your marriage, make sure to record your completed marriage certificate, along with the attached license, with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Obtaining a marriage license is a significant step towards starting your journey of wedded bliss. With the clear and straightforward process in Georgetown, Colorado, couples can focus on their love and the excitement of their upcoming union. Remember, the marriage license is not just a legal requirement; it’s a symbol of your commitment to each other.


1. Can we apply for a marriage license online?

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No, marriage license applications must be made in person at the County Clerk’s office.

2. Is there a waiting period to get married in Colorado?

No, there is no waiting period for getting married in Colorado.

3. Can we change our names immediately after getting the marriage license?

No, obtaining a marriage license with a new name does not automatically change your name. You need to follow a separate process for a name change.

4. Can we have a friend officiate our wedding ceremony?

While you can solemnize your own marriage in Colorado, a friend or relative cannot sign as an officiant on a marriage certificate.

5. What happens if we don’t return the completed marriage certificate on time?

If the completed marriage certificate is not returned to the County Clerk’s office within 63 days after the solemnization, late fees will apply.

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