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The Ultimate Guide to Submitting Articles on Usmarriagelaw.com

If you’re a passionate writer, blogger, relationship therapist, coach, or counselor with insights into love, intimacy, romance, marriage, or divorce, Usmarriagelaw.com is the platform for you. We are eager to receive article submissions from individuals like you who can provide actionable advice and valuable content to our readers.

Why Usmarriagelaw.com?

1. Engage a Massive Audience

With over one million monthly visitors, Usmarriagelaw.com offers a global platform to showcase your voice and expertise. Your unique content will be read by millions and can make a significant impact on their lives.

2. Establish Credibility

When you contribute to Usmarriagelaw.com, you not only receive acknowledgment for your content but also gain a valuable backlink to your website or social media profile. This can help you establish credibility and reach a wider audience.

3. Supportive Editorial and Marketing Assistance

We provide editorial and marketing assistance to help your content stand out. We want your articles to cover topics that truly matter and resonate with our readers.

Editorial Guidelines for Usmarriagelaw.com

To ensure that your article aligns with our platform’s values and objectives, please adhere to the following editorial guidelines:

1. Originality

We have a strict policy against plagiarism. All submissions must be 100% original. Your unique perspective is highly valued.

2. Compelling Headlines

Craft catchy, appealing, and concise headlines, preferably within 5 to 7 words or under 65 characters. A great headline grabs the reader’s attention.

3. Adequate Word Count

Your article should comprehensively cover the topic, offering solutions rather than just pointing out problems. Research top-ranking articles online to ensure your content is informative.

4. Clarity and Ease of Comprehension

Keep your content clear and easy to understand. If readers can’t grasp the concepts within 5 seconds, it needs improvement. Make it purposeful and specific.

5. Engaging and Scannable

Use effective spacing, styling (bold, italics), imagery, videos, and subheaders to engage readers. Short paragraphs and sentences (50 words or less) enhance readability.

6. Credibility

Support your claims with citations and links to recent studies, research, or surveys. Ensure your sources are not over 5 years old, unless they are well-established facts.

7. Language

All submissions should be in American English, free from bias or sweeping generalizations. Maintain a respectful tone throughout your article.

8. Images

Include a high-quality image that you own or have permission to use with your blog post or article. The ideal image size is 804 (height) x 350 (width).

9. Author Bio

Write a short and crisp 2-4 line bio about yourself, linking to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter page. This is mandatory for article publication.

10. Appropriate Links

You can add one link in your author bio, but we do not accept links to gambling sites, adult content, or sites selling drugs and sex toys.

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In conclusion, contributing to Usmarriagelaw.com can be a rewarding experience. Your insights and expertise can help our readers navigate the complexities of love, intimacy, marriage, and divorce. Follow our editorial guidelines to ensure your content resonates with our audience, and don’t miss the chance to establish yourself as a credible voice in the realm of relationships.


  1. How do I submit an article to Usmarriagelaw.com? To submit an article, follow our guidelines and use the submission form on our website.
  2. Can I include affiliate links in my articles? We do not allow affiliate links in our articles.
  3. What topics are most popular on Usmarriagelaw.com? Articles related to relationship advice, marriage tips, and divorce guidance are highly sought after.
  4. How long does it take for an article to be published? The publication timeline can vary, but we aim to review and publish articles within a reasonable time frame.
  5. Are there any restrictions on article length? While there’s no strict word limit, articles should be comprehensive and informative without unnecessary verbosity.

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