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Marriage License Requirements

Getting married is a momentous occasion, filled with joy and excitement as two lives intertwine in a bond of love and commitment. One crucial step in this journey is obtaining a marriage license, a legal document that allows couples to take their vows and begin their matrimonial journey. In the state of Arizona, the process is straightforward, and this article serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding the ins and outs of obtaining a marriage license in this picturesque southwestern state.


The journey to marital bliss begins with obtaining a marriage license, a document that grants you the legal right to wed in the state of Arizona. This article aims to guide you through the process, ensuring that your path to matrimony is smooth and hassle-free.

Locations for Obtaining Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses can be obtained from several justice courts across Arizona, including:

  • Apache County Superior Court
  • Chinle Justice Court
  • Puerco Justice Court
  • Round Valley Justice Court

These courts offer their services on weekdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for court-approved holidays.

Marriage Application Requirements

To complete the application for a marriage license in Arizona, certain requirements must be met:

  • Both parties must be present to obtain a marriage license.
  • A valid government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license or passport) is required to show proof of age and confirm identity.
  • Social Security Numbers are necessary for both parties.
  • Both parties will be sworn in and must sign affidavits confirming the accuracy of their personal information.
  • A copy of a divorce decree is not mandatory.
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Marriage License Fees

The marriage license fee in Arizona is $83. This fee covers the issuance of the license and is payable at the time of application.

Marriage Waiting Period and Residency Requirements

There is no waiting period in Arizona to get married once you have obtained the marriage license. Additionally, there is no residency requirement, meaning you do not have to be a resident of Arizona to marry within the state.

Special Marriage Options and Provisions

Arizona offers a Covenant Marriage option for couples, which entails certain requirements for those who choose this type of marriage. However, proxy marriages are not permitted in the state. First cousins may marry if both are sixty-five years of age or older, with specific provisions for younger couples.

Name Change After Marriage

Obtaining a marriage license with your new name on it does not automatically change your name. If you wish to change your last name, you can explore using an online marriage name change kit.

Marriage Age Requirements

Age requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Arizona are as follows:

  • If you are under 18, you must have a notarized parental consent form or have your parent(s) accompany you with proper identification.
  • Ages 16-17 require a certified copy of the birth certificate and government-issued picture I.D.
  • Ages 15 and under require a court order from the Conciliation Court.

Authorized Marriage Officiants

Marriages in Arizona can be performed by a range of authorized individuals, including members of the clergy, judges, magistrates, and more. These officiants are responsible for recording and returning the marriage license after the ceremony.

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Witness Requirements for Marriage

Marriage licenses in Arizona must be signed by the couple and two witnesses aged 18 or over, along with the officiating minister.

Expiration and Validity of Marriage Licenses

A marriage license is valid for up to twelve (12) months from the date of issuance. Furthermore, this license can be used anywhere within the state of Arizona.

How to Obtain Copies of Marriage Certificates

If you need copies of public Arizona marriage records, you can order them through the appropriate channels to ensure your marital status is officially documented.


Obtaining a marriage license is a vital step on the path to wedded bliss. Arizona’s straightforward process ensures that couples can embark on their marital journey with ease. Whether you’re a local resident or planning a destination wedding, the information provided here will guide you through the process of obtaining a marriage license in the beautiful state of Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a waiting period to get married in Arizona?No, there is no waiting period once you have your marriage license.
  2. Do I need to be an Arizona resident to get married there?No, residency is not a requirement for obtaining a marriage license in Arizona.
  3. Can first cousins marry in Arizona?Yes, but there are age restrictions and certain provisions in place.
  4. Is a blood test required for marriage in Arizona?No, the state of Arizona does not require a blood test for marriage.
  5. How long is a marriage license valid for in Arizona?A marriage license is valid for up to twelve months from the date of issuance.

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