Adams County Marriage License Requirements

Adams County
Marriage License Requirements

So, you’ve found the one, and you’re ready to take that monumental step towards eternal commitment – marriage! But before you start planning your dream wedding, there’s a crucial administrative task you need to tackle: obtaining a marriage license. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the marriage license process in Colorado, from the required documents to the application procedure. Let’s dive in!


Before you say “I do,” you’ll need a marriage license. This legal document grants you the right to officially tie the knot and make your union official in the eyes of the law.

Applying for a Marriage License

Both you and your partner must appear in person to apply for a marriage license. This ensures the accuracy of the information provided and helps prevent any potential issues down the road.

Required Documents and Identification

You’ll need to provide proof of age and identity. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid driver’s license, passport, military ID, or state-issued ID card.

Absence Application and Notarization

If one party can’t be present due to specific reasons, an absentee application along with proper identification and notarization is required.

Marriage License Fee

There is a $30.00 fee for obtaining a marriage license. This fee is an essential part of the process and contributes to the administrative costs.

No Waiting Period in Colorado

Unlike some states, Colorado doesn’t have a waiting period. Once you’ve obtained your license, you’re free to proceed with your wedding at any time.

Residency Requirements

You don’t need to be a Colorado resident to apply for a marriage license in the state. This opens up the opportunity for destination weddings!

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Previous Marriages and Divorce Decrees

If either party has recently finalized a divorce, the final decree must be provided. This requirement ensures that all previous marriages are legally dissolved.

Proxy Marriages

In cases where one party can’t be present, a proxy marriage is possible. However, certain conditions must be met for this option to apply.

Cousin Marriages and Common Law Marriages

Colorado permits both cousin marriages and common law marriages, making it a flexible state for various types of unions.

Marriage Age Requirements and Consent

The legal age for marriage without parental consent is 18. However, there are provisions for those younger than 18 to get married with appropriate approval.

Who Can Officiate Your Marriage

Couples have the unique option to solemnize their own marriage in Colorado. However, this doesn’t extend to friends or relatives signing as officiants.

Witnesses: Are They Required?

Unlike some states, witnesses are not required for your marriage to be legally valid. Some officiants may request witnesses, but they’re not mandatory.

Expiration and Recording of Marriage License

Your marriage license is valid for 35 days. After the ceremony, the completed marriage certificate must be returned to the County Clerk’s office within 63 days for recording.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Marriage Certificate

Once your marriage is recorded, you can obtain a copy of your marriage certificate from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Obtaining a marriage license is a crucial step on your journey to wedded bliss. By following the guidelines and requirements outlined in this article, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the process and embark on your marital adventure.

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Q1: Can I apply for a marriage license if I’m not a Colorado resident? A: Yes, Colorado doesn’t have residency requirements for obtaining a marriage license.

Q2: Is there a waiting period before I can get married after obtaining the license? A: No, there’s no waiting period in Colorado. You can proceed with your wedding once you have the license.

Q3: Can I solemnize my own marriage in Colorado? A: Yes, couples have the unique option to solemnize their own marriage in the state.

Q4: Are witnesses required at the marriage ceremony? A: Witnesses are not mandatory in Colorado, but some officiants may request them.

Q5: How long is the marriage license valid? A: The marriage license is valid for 35 days. After the ceremony, the completed marriage certificate must be returned within 63 days for recording.

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