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In the heart of the picturesque Markleeville, California, the bells of matrimony ring a harmonious tune. Nestled at 99 Water St., this quaint town welcomes couples seeking to formalize their love story. But before you embark on this romantic journey, it’s vital to understand the ins and outs of the California marriage license process. In this guide, we demystify the essential elements of obtaining a marriage license in the Golden State.


The path to eternal union begins with a marriage license. Markleeville, with its serene beauty, offers couples a place to formalize their commitment. But what are the steps involved? Let’s delve into the world of California marriage licenses.

Types of Marriage Licenses

Public Marriage License

A public marriage license is accessible to all, bearing information available for public view. Anyone can obtain a copy, but it does not conceal personal details.

Confidential Marriage License

The confidential marriage license, on the other hand, keeps personal information confidential. Only a court order or a notarized application from either spouse can grant access to its contents.

Information Required for a Marriage License

Both parties seeking a marriage license need to present the following:

  • Valid driver’s license, military I.D., passport, or green card
  • Certified copy of birth certificate and another acceptable picture I.D. if none of the above is available

The Application Process

Once you’ve gathered the necessary documents, the application process is straightforward. Present your I.D.s to the authorities, and you’ll be granted a marriage license.

Waiting Period and Residency Requirements

Unlike some states, California doesn’t impose a waiting period. You’ll receive your marriage license promptly after application. Also, being a California resident is not a prerequisite for marrying in Alpine County.

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Previous Marriages

If you’ve been married before, be ready to provide details about your previous marriage’s conclusion, whether by death, dissolution, divorce, or nullity.

Marriage License Fees

The cost of a marriage license is $53.00, with cash being the preferred payment method. For alternative payment options, feel free to inquire beforehand.

Proxy Marriages and Cousin Marriages

Unfortunately, California does not allow marriage by proxy. Both parties, the officiant, and a witness must be physically present during the ceremony. However, first and second cousins can legally marry.

Common Law Marriages and Blood Tests

California doesn’t recognize common law marriages, and blood tests are not required to obtain a marriage license.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

While obtaining a marriage license with your new name doesn’t automatically change it, an online marriage name change kit can help you through the process.

Age Requirements and Officiants

If either partner is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be present. Authorized officiants include religious leaders, judges, magistrates, and more.

Return of Marriage License

After the ceremony, the officiant must return the original marriage license to the County Clerk or County Recorder within 10 days.

Witnesses and Expiration Date

The public marriage license requires one witness’s signature, with room for an additional witness if desired. The license is valid for 90 days from issuance.

Copies of Marriage Certificates

You won’t receive a copy of your marriage license automatically after the ceremony. If you need one, request a certified copy from the County Clerk or County Recorder.


In the enchanting backdrop of Markleeville, love stories come to life. With the California marriage license process demystified, you’re now equipped to embark on your journey to matrimony. Remember, this legal step is a testament to your commitment, and as you stand at the crossroads of forever, embrace the joy and significance of this moment.

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Q1: Can I get a marriage license if I’m not a California resident? Yes, residency is not a requirement to obtain a marriage license in Alpine County.

Q2: Can I marry my cousin in California? Yes, first and second cousins can legally marry in California.

Q3: Is a blood test necessary to get a marriage license? No, blood tests are not required for obtaining a marriage license in California.

Q4: Can I change my name immediately after getting a marriage license? Obtaining a marriage license with your new name doesn’t automatically change it. You can use an online marriage name change kit.

Q5: How long is a marriage license valid? A marriage license is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. If you don’t get married within this period, you’ll need to purchase a new license.

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